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The best online casinos in India

List of all Indian online casinos

Online casinos in India are more popular than ever and new casinos are added every month. With so many providers, it's easy to lose track, because at first glance, many online casinos look the same. It is all the more important to take a look under the bonnet and read the fine print, because the devil is, as always, in the details.

best indian casinos

We have developed an online casino test to separate the wheat from the chaff and to determine the best online casinos among all providers. In addition to the real money bonus, we also test aspects such as the design, the game selection, options for deposit and withdrawal as well as general security. We have explained the entire process of our online casino test below.

The following list shows you all online casinos that we have tested in India so far and the casino list gets longer every day. If the selection is too big for you, we have summarized all reputable online casinos here.

Online casino test: This is how we test the best providers

Now that we've introduced you to the best online casinos, it's time to explain how exactly our testing process works. We subject every online casino to a rigorous 20-point plan, with each area being given a separate rating and a weighted formula giving a total of between 1 and 5, with 5 being the best rating.

We do not want to go into every single point, as some of them are also of a technical nature, but still introduce you to the most important sub-areas. This not only gives you an understanding of how we test online casinos, but you can also carry out your very own online casino test if necessary.

In summary, we will look at the following core areas to test Indian online casinos:

  • Welcome bonus
  • Wagering requirements
  • Game selection & manufacturer
  • Payout Rates
  • Legality & Licensing
  • Customer service
  • Payment methods

When we have completed our test for these seven areas at an online casino, we subject the website to another 13 tests to determine the final rating.

Casino Games & Manufacturers

Next, let's take a look at which manufacturer the online casino works with and how many games are offered. In the past people were satisfied with slot machines from a single manufacturer, but those days are long behind us. Today players expect immediate access to all new online slots, regardless of the manufacturer. Therefore, the best online casinos cooperate with all developer studios, including:

  • PLAY’n GO
  • NetEnt
  • Big time gaming
  • Microgaming
  • Yggdrasil
  • Evolution gaming
  • and much more.

Well-known manufacturers have the great advantage that they have been able to collect a lot of feedback from players over the years, which flows directly into the development of new games. This is also one of the reasons why online slot machines have gotten better and better over the years.

Our conclusion on the best online casinos in India

We have been observing online casinos for almost 20 years and have noticed that what was initially ridiculed niche has become a serious industry. Indian online casinos are now among the most innovative tech companies of our time and are pioneers in areas such as mobility and virtual reality. In addition, there is the incredible offer that the best online casinos offer their customers. Those who used to have to fly to Las Vegas to experience a real casino feeling can now get more on the Internet. Thousands of slot machines, classic table games and casino games with live dealers - online casinos today leave nothing to be desired.

With our experience we hope to have brought you a little closer to the world of online casinos and will continue to observe all new trends with eagle eyes in the future and subject the best providers to our rigorous online casino test. Finally, we have put together the most frequently asked questions for you in a FAQ section.


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