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Online sports betting

Betting on parimatch online sport in bookmaker companies can be considered from two angles: the first - a gambling game, the second - a kind of investment in sport in order to generate income. Let us briefly consider both options.

Betting on sports as a gambling pastime

People who have decided to tickle their nerves and simply have fun fall into this category. The desire to warm up interest to a certain game or a sports event is inherent to many and is quite typical for our compatriots. For such people betting on sports in bookmaker offices will be neither a means of earning, nor additional income, so about the hard and meticulous work of these players can forget and just enjoy playing sports betting.

Online betting as an investment and income generation

The first category is much luckier, but with the latter the most interesting begins.

Beginning players need to realize at once that betting on sporting events as a kind of business investment is characterized by a high degree of risk. The risk of such sports investments exceeds that of ordinary investments several times over. In fact, everything here is just like in business - the more profit is expected from the project, the more risky and prone to collapse it is.

In reality getting profit or dividends from sports betting is not an easy task that requires continuous and meticulous work.

But the best results in online sports betting are achieved by the players who, in addition to finances, invest in sports betting the most valuable thing - their time!

Remember once and for all: if you are a sports fan or you just like to bet on sports and try your luck in the sweepstakes or you have seriously decided to make sports betting online as your income or business, do it directly from your own analysis and personal considerations!

How to start winning on sports betting

Online sports betting can only be done by the best! Players who have a temporary success and really earn on sports betting, sometimes even quite decent amounts, do exist. According to various bookmakers' offices, their percentage does not exceed 2-5% of the total mass of players.

Such players, making their sports betting in the offices, as a rule, use short-term strategy games or progressive betting, online betting for them are nothing more than - a profitable source of income. All of these people and organizations are part and parcel of the betting community, the weight and presence of which cannot be ignored. But once upon a time, these players also wondered how to start winning on sports betting.

To have a long or even short-term advantage and to make the most effective and efficient sports betting, you need to work hard and persevere, and be at least in some sporting niche to become a fraction of the bookmaker's denomination.


The Italian Trade Agency (I.C.E. in Italian), active in India since 1971, has two main offices in the Subcontinent: New Delhi and Mumbai. The principal function of our offices is to foster bilateral trade between India and Italy by providing Indian entrepreneurs and companies with information on Italian products, companies and market updates. The office in New Delhi acts as the coordinating structure for the entire Indian market.

The Indian offices of the Italian Trade Agency organize the participation in main trade fairs and exhibitions; promote Italian products, organize training courses, technological conferences, workshops, seminars, and create advertising campaigns. In addition, the Indian offices also organize a variety of industry-specific promotional events such as trade missions of Indian businesses to Italy to visit major exhibitions, bringing delegations of Italian businessmen and government officials to India and arranging bilateral meetings for mutual benefits.

Our business activities are divided by the following sectors:



  1. Machines and equipment for metal foundries
  2. Ceramic processing machines
  3. Sheet metal processing machines
  4. Machines for processing marble and natural stones
  5. Metal processing machines
  6. Plastic and rubber processing machines
  7. Machines for tanneries, shoes and leather goods
  8. Wire and cable machines
  9. Woodworking machines
  10. Machine tools and industrial automation
  11. Glass machines
  12. Other machines for industry


  1. Furniture and interior decoration
  2. Lighting equipment
  3. Handicrafts
  4. Household appliances
  5. Clothing, textiles and fashion accessories
  6. Leather goods and footwear
  7. Gift items
  8. Household items


  1. Renewable energies
  2. Energy production and distribution





  1. Hotel and HORECA equipment
  2. Medical and dental equipment and hospital installations
  3. Infrastructure, plant engineering, and logistics
  4. Agricultural machinery
  5. Construction and earthmoving machinery
  6. Railway equipment
  7. Printing machines
  8. Building materials and products
  9. Refrigeration, heating and air conditioning


  1. Biotechnology
  2. Nanotechnology
  3. Scientific collaboration
  4. Technological innovation
  5. Smart cities
  6. Start-up
  7. Water treatment
  8. Waste treatment


  1. Stationery and cardboard products
  2. Cosmetics, Perfumes
  3. Toys
  4. Jewelry and goldsmiths (including machines)
  5. Eyewear


  1. Food processing equipment
  2. Food parks activities and development monitoring
  3. Refrigeration, heating and air conditioning industry
  4. Packaging machines


  1. ITC Telecommunications
  2. Safety equipment
  3. Electrics and electronics systems


  1. Pharmaceuticals
  2. Fertilisers and pesticides
  3. Minerals
  4. Petrochemicals


  1. Cinema and multimedia
  2. Sports equipment
  3. E-commerce
  4. Publishing
  5. Large distribution
  6. Marine Equipment
  7. Tourism


  1. Agribusiness
  2. Automotive
  3. Overview of large projects
  4. Training and education
  5. Investments
  6. Disputes