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Mobile applications as a prerequisite for a successful game

Not a single bookmaker operating on the Internet gambling market imagines its activity without the availability of mobile versions of its website. The bookmaker "Pari-match", which has the most advanced technologies, has a mobile version that meets all the requests of the client apk.

Where to download the mobile application

The mobile application can be downloaded on the official website of the office or find the link to download the application on the pages of partner companies. In terms of its technical equipment, the mobile application exactly repeats the functionality of the official website. The presence of the Internet and a mobile device running on Android and IOS platforms, you can access your personal account, replenish your game account and place bets on sports online.

The mobile version is designed for playing in prematch mode and in Live mode.

Mobile sports betting: special offers

Bets can be placed using dedicated mobile apps for Android and Apple. There is also software for Windows and Java, but it is quite rare in the betting industry.

It is very easy to use those developed by bookmakers for their clients. The download and installation will take just a few minutes. The iPhone and Android mobile betting applications are mobile versions that are designed specifically for the respective platform.

Before installing, make sure the software meets the minimum requirements and is compatible with your device. Detailed instructions and a link to download the application can always be found on the bookmaker's website.

In fact, owners of gadgets with the Android or iOS operating system can freely use the standard versions, but it is recommended to download the mobile betting application and install it on their phone.

It is more efficient, more convenient and often more functional, as the applications are optimized for Android or Apple devices.

Modern man is less and less at home, spending time on trips, business trips, travel, etc. This is the tendency of the twenty-first century - not to be tied to one place and to be in constant motion. Hence, the popularity of phones, smartphones, tablets and other gadgets that you can take with you without any problems. The bookmakers also reacted to the changes in the lifestyle of people, making bets on sports, a mobile application and new functionality of sites a part of our daily life.


The Italian Trade Agency (I.C.E. in Italian), active in India since 1971, has two main offices in the Subcontinent: New Delhi and Mumbai. The principal function of our offices is to foster bilateral trade between India and Italy by providing Indian entrepreneurs and companies with information on Italian products, companies and market updates. The office in New Delhi acts as the coordinating structure for the entire Indian market.

The Indian offices of the Italian Trade Agency organize the participation in main trade fairs and exhibitions; promote Italian products, organize training courses, technological conferences, workshops, seminars, and create advertising campaigns. In addition, the Indian offices also organize a variety of industry-specific promotional events such as trade missions of Indian businesses to Italy to visit major exhibitions, bringing delegations of Italian businessmen and government officials to India and arranging bilateral meetings for mutual benefits.

Our business activities are divided by the following sectors:



  1. Machines and equipment for metal foundries
  2. Ceramic processing machines
  3. Sheet metal processing machines
  4. Machines for processing marble and natural stones
  5. Metal processing machines
  6. Plastic and rubber processing machines
  7. Machines for tanneries, shoes and leather goods
  8. Wire and cable machines
  9. Woodworking machines
  10. Machine tools and industrial automation
  11. Glass machines
  12. Other machines for industry


  1. Furniture and interior decoration
  2. Lighting equipment
  3. Handicrafts
  4. Household appliances
  5. Clothing, textiles and fashion accessories
  6. Leather goods and footwear
  7. Gift items
  8. Household items


  1. Renewable energies
  2. Energy production and distribution





  1. Hotel and HORECA equipment
  2. Medical and dental equipment and hospital installations
  3. Infrastructure, plant engineering, and logistics
  4. Agricultural machinery
  5. Construction and earthmoving machinery
  6. Railway equipment
  7. Printing machines
  8. Building materials and products
  9. Refrigeration, heating and air conditioning


  1. Biotechnology
  2. Nanotechnology
  3. Scientific collaboration
  4. Technological innovation
  5. Smart cities
  6. Start-up
  7. Water treatment
  8. Waste treatment


  1. Stationery and cardboard products
  2. Cosmetics, Perfumes
  3. Toys
  4. Jewelry and goldsmiths (including machines)
  5. Eyewear


  1. Food processing equipment
  2. Food parks activities and development monitoring
  3. Refrigeration, heating and air conditioning industry
  4. Packaging machines


  1. ITC Telecommunications
  2. Safety equipment
  3. Electrics and electronics systems


  1. Pharmaceuticals
  2. Fertilisers and pesticides
  3. Minerals
  4. Petrochemicals


  1. Cinema and multimedia
  2. Sports equipment
  3. E-commerce
  4. Publishing
  5. Large distribution
  6. Marine Equipment
  7. Tourism


  1. Agribusiness
  2. Automotive
  3. Overview of large projects
  4. Training and education
  5. Investments
  6. Disputes