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10:30 am Vicenzaoro 2018
Vicenzaoro 2018
Sep 22 @ 10:30 am – Sep 26 @ 11:30 am
Vicenzaoro September, the international jewellery show, a reference for the industry, gives voice to the most significant trends in the world of precious stones, metals, jewels and machinery. Over 1300 brands from 35 different countries,[...]
11:02 am Cremona Musica
Cremona Musica
Sep 28 @ 11:02 am – Sep 30 @ 12:02 pm
Featuring 302 exhibitors from over 30 countries around the world, along with the who’s who of the music world in attendance, Cremona Musica has emerged as the top exhibition for high quality musical instruments, featuring[...]
8:42 am Bovino Da Latte
Bovino Da Latte
Oct 24 @ 8:42 am – Oct 27 @ 9:42 am
Cremona Livestock Exhibition is the de facto one stop solution for livestock related solutions from Italy. The show has many major subdivisions one of the major ones being the Dairy exhibition. ITA will be organizing[...]

One Stop Form for Foreign Investments in Indian Entities

Contributed by Ruchi Biyani of Nishith Desai and Associates

Foreign investments made in Indian companies or limited liability partnerships by way of allotment or transfer of equity shares are required to be reported to the federal bank in India, i.e. the Reserve Bank of India (RBI), through the authorized dealer banks. Recently there has been a paradigm shift in the reporting regime, where the regulator has introduced a single master form for various kinds of reporting as compared to the earlier regime where multiple reporting were required for different legs of the same or multiple transactions.

The above said change is proposed to be implemented in two steps, first being reporting of master entity form by all Indian investee entities on the RBI portal within a window of 15 days. The deadline for the entity master form filing expires on July 12, 2018. The second step of its implementation would completely replace the old model of reporting, where the investee entities or the resident transferors/transferees, as the case may be, were required to do the filing on e-Biz portal (i.e. a Government portal designated for reporting, among others, to the RBI), with a new platform to be created on the RBI’s website.

These changes would further ease doing business in India for foreign investors who already are subject various sectoral restrictions and monitoring by various enforcement agencies in the country. In such circumstances, the proposal to consolidate multiple reporting under FEMA into one single master form is a much needed relief and should attract more investors towards the Indian market. You can read detail information about the new reporting regime and analysis by Nishith Desai Associates by clicking here.

To reach out to the author, please contact: ruchi.biyani@nishithdesai.com