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10:30 am Vicenzaoro 2018
Vicenzaoro 2018
Sep 22 @ 10:30 am – Sep 26 @ 11:30 am
Vicenzaoro September, the international jewellery show, a reference for the industry, gives voice to the most significant trends in the world of precious stones, metals, jewels and machinery. Over 1300 brands from 35 different countries,[...]
11:02 am Cremona Musica
Cremona Musica
Sep 28 @ 11:02 am – Sep 30 @ 12:02 pm
Featuring 302 exhibitors from over 30 countries around the world, along with the who’s who of the music world in attendance, Cremona Musica has emerged as the top exhibition for high quality musical instruments, featuring[...]
8:42 am Bovino Da Latte
Bovino Da Latte
Oct 24 @ 8:42 am – Oct 27 @ 9:42 am
Cremona Livestock Exhibition is the de facto one stop solution for livestock related solutions from Italy. The show has many major subdivisions one of the major ones being the Dairy exhibition. ITA will be organizing[...]

Tech 4 Food May – June 2017

Aug 2017 -

Fashion, Food, Furniture, Football. The experts say that Italy is renowned in the world for the excellence that distinguishes it in the fields of fashion, nutrition, design – think of the furniture sector – and why not? of football. That is no small matter. It has been so for a while. What we mean is: There is no lack of references to history, to the incredible artistic beauties, as well as contradictions or if you prefer “extravagance” (to say it with an euphemism) that we as Italians live every day and of which we are protagonists. Fashion, Food, Furniture, Football all have something in common – besides the first letter “F” – they are distinguished by Italian elements: creativity, intuition and genius. This mix makes the difference and is much more recognized than we can ever imagine: as a sort of impact, or if you prefer an artistic touch. The economic data of export proves it but above all, it is tangible every time we travel and visit a foreign country.

The artistic path, let us say it, is in our DNA: some of the greatest inventors and scholars were born in the “beautiful country Italy”. This strong and lasting bond – even though with variations on the theme – has not been lost. We find it in several sectors. Including that of technology in its broadest meaning. If on the one hand it is no coincidence that the attention of the giants or the so-called Silicon Valley is focusing on the best Italian talents, on the other, the business community has been successfully playing against these giants in an international arena for years. It is the food processing technology industry. An area in which Italy plays a primary role in the various sectors: from processes to packaging up to related services. It is that real, serious, silent, tough Italy. An Italy that, despite the constant fight against bureaucracy, daily contributes with creative and inventive solutions, produces effective technologies, and passionately and proudly competes with the entire world. The Italian food technology sector is testimony of an
industrial and entrepreneurial capacity with the added artistic and creative touch mentioned above. It is the reason why our new magazine Tech4Food was born. We will distribute it in a digital online version to a panel of more than 20 thousand operators belonging to the food sector, as well as a printed version to some of the major exhibitions such as Interpack, Tuttofood, and Summer Fancy Food.

From the first issue, we will carefully and thoroughly tell the story of many Italian companies belonging to this sector. We will start with the products, which are the real protagonists and business drivers, but without neglecting each businessperson’s know-how, attitudes, strategies, and engagement.
Tech4Food – that is currently planning the next release in October, in occasion of Gulfood Manufacturing – will be the forefront and the proscenium for every Tech company willing to leave its footprint in the international marketplace. Market data, trends, solutions, but above all, stories of men, women and companies will be progressively valued in order to make the great technological and creative quality of Italian food processing known to the world. There are still many nice things to say. And we, with Tech4Food, will do it, with a concrete, pragmatic, direct, brave, incisive style. It is a promise. But knowing us, also a certainty. Enjoy the reading.

Download report here – Tech4Food